Dawn Patrol - Black Tea + Pu'erh Tea + Coffee + Chocolate


A bold and robust blend. Starting with our most powerful black tea, along with a strong pu'erh (fermented black tea), and arabica coffee beans grown at high-altitude farms in Columbia. Then, a hint of dark chocolate. This is the drink you want in your thermos when breaking camp at 3am. The medium roast coffee, with a pleasantly low acidity, will give you the wake up jolt you crave, while our pu'erh and black tea blend will give you the continuous energy you need. The chocolate, well, that's just an added bonus! 

Caffeine: [High] "I said Goddamn. Goddamn!" - Pulp Fiction

Grit donates 5% of all Dawn Patrol sales to not-for-profit organizations that support enriching the lives of those with disabilities through outdoor recreation. So go ahead, steep & dig deep, and know that you're creating a positive impact on the community.


- Black tea (High-altitude estates in China, India, and Sri Lanka)

- Pu'erh tea (Yunnan, China)

- Arabica coffee (High-altitude estates in Columbia)

- Natural chocolate extract