Kathmandu Cosmos - Gold Tea + Masala Spices


The Kathmandu Cosmos blend brings all of our favorite elements of Nepal into a single blend. The gold tipped tea is from the Kanchanjangha Tea Estate in Eastern Nepal, and is finely mixed with an ayurvedic blend of spices from the same region. This blend is the perfect combination of fiery flavor and holistic sweetness. The diversity in flavor is the reason it was named after the eclectic city of Kathmandu!

Caffeine: [High] "I said Goddamn. Goddamn!" - Pulp Fiction

Sales of the Kathmandu Cosmos Blend help subsidize the Kanchanjengha Tea Estate and Research Center’s thrift store initiative. To help provide gently used and warm clothes to workers and their family members, this program brings clothing items from the U.S. and Kathmandu. So go ahead, steep & dig deep, and know that you’re creating a positive impact on the community.


- Orthodox black tea (Panchthar District, Nepal)

- CTC black tea (Panchthar District, Nepal)

- Masala spice mix