Bust a Coconut - Green Tea + Yerba Mate + Shredded Coconut + Vanilla


This creamy, coconut-flavored blend of green tea and yerba is a high-octane drink that is sure to leave you feeling like a sweet summer day at the beach. That beach is Muscle Beach. And you’re feeling so jacked that you just might bust a nut - a coconut. With your bare hands. Because you now have Chuck Norris strength. Our mate hails from Brazil, and is presented in its freshest green form in this blend. Mixed in is one of the finest green teas in China. And then this blend is topped off with fresh shavings of coconut. Party on!

Caffeine: [High] "I said Goddamn. Goddamn!" - Pulp Fiction
Grit donates 5% of all Bust a Coconut sales to not-for-profit organizations that support the effort to protect and restore our oceans. So go ahead, steep & dig deep, and know that you’re creating a positive impact on the community!



- Yerba mate (Brazil)

- Sencha green tea (China)

- Coconut Shavings

- Natural Vanilla & Coconut Flavor


** These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.