Mint Sane in the Membrane - Green Tea + Yerba Mate + Peppermint + Vanilla Extract


“Mint Sane in the Membrane – mint sane in the brain!” This yerba mate & green tea blend is so good that Cypress Hill wrote a song about its very existence back in 1993. What’s that? Wrong lyrics? Well, never mind then. The fresh, green Brazilian yerba mate for this blend is nothing short of spectacular. We then add in some of our premium Chinese green tea, and pack it with the zest of peppermint and silky smooth natural vanilla extract. This high-octane blend will give you an energy boost that you “got ‘ta maintain!”

Caffeine: [High] "I said Goddamn. Goddamn!" - Pulp Fiction
Grit donates 5% of all Mint-Sane in the Membrane sales to not-for-profit organizations that support enhancing, preserving, and advocating for public land. So go ahead, steep & dig deep, and know that you’re creating a positive impact on the community.



- Yerba mate (Brazil)

- Sencha green tea (China)

- Peppermint

- Natural Vanilla Flavor


** These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.